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Well that was fast. Last post was about two hours ago. It's now two in the morning CET, and already I got tired of writing HTML.

Of course the best candidate to make my life easier was Markdown. But I was waaay to lazy to figure out how to use one of the available libraries. So I wrote an interpreter.

This is the most incomplete thing ever, and can only do basic formatting like links, pargraphs, images, blocks of code, etc. But hey, it's 34 LOC (with comments!), so can't really complain. You can have a look in the poorcode repository.

Anyway, now seems a moment as good as any to go to sleep. Good night!

Another blog

Hi there!

Yes, here it comes again. I just created another blog because I was bored. This one is even more barebones that the one I wrote in Bash script some years ago. But that sort of seems to be the trend anyway, so I suppose I'm all cool now.

You can check the code for it at github. I wrote a readme and everything! Go check it out

Anyway, so what is this blog for? As always, probably for nothing. But I like to keep around a place where I can just spew my nonsense from time to time, and if I can do it through a painfully slow SSH connection to a server who knows where, in VIM and by writing raw HTML, even better!

I hope I can manage myself to ever write something meaninful here. And if I don't, well, at least if was fun for a while!